Booking music gigs in Blacksburg, building a community

May 09, 2016

BIrd King Booking - Walter Porter and Michael Stapor's DIY booking agency - is fostering a safe community for local music fanatics, allowing for personal professional development, and fulfilling life-long dreams for the multifaceted duo. 

Blacksburg's farmer's market promotes income inclusivity

April 20, 2016

Blacksburg, Virginia is developing a stronger, more inclusive community by allowing SNAP/EBT members to shop at the local farmer’s market.










Virginia Tech grad student creates festival’s first-ever projected video stream

March 23, 2016

George Hardebeck is a big fan of Rock the Blocks Music and Arts Festival and has attended every year. However, he feels that something has been missing these past years.










Workshop will empower students, promote sustainable off-campus housing

February 17, 2016

Students take into consideration many matters when it comes to renting in Blacksburg. Making the most sustainable choice is extremely important.










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