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In the spring of 2022, my brother, Dominic, and I formed a peace-building group called Experiential Peace Organizing Committee (EPOC for short.)


Peace isn't just a value - it is an experience. It is an experience that we are all deserving of and we must name it, imagine it, and build it - together. Our determination is to spread the radical news that we, as humans, deserve to live in a world that uplifts, imagines, funds, and unequivocally supports peace - for all! Things like affordable housing, fully-paid parental leave, unlimited sick leave, universal healthcare, and affordable child care are all within our reach if we, as a society, work hard together to pressure our legislators to prioritize holistic peace in our communities.


Furthermore, peace-building connects with so many other forms of grassroots organizing like environmental justice, racial justice, LGBTQ+ justice, police reform, prison-industrial complex abolition, and so much more! Any government funding that is going towards war and the military industrial complex is money that is being diverted from creating enriching programs for our communities. 

You can read more about EPOC and get involved by visiting our website, which I designed using Squarespace. Also, check out the digital zine "Pax in Terra" which I produce.

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