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Association of women in sports media (2)

women in sports media

Did you know that there is a remarkable amount of professional women working in all different facets of the sports media field, but we never hear about them? We have so much to learn from them, and yet, we only ever hear about all the men working in sports. My grass roots Women in Sports Media organization is going to change that. 

This year, at Virginia Tech, I took the initiative to start an organization called Women in Sports MediaThrough hard work and dedication to the cause, the organization was officially recognized by Virginia Tech as an official Registered Student Organization.

Virginia Tech is in dire need of a space like this for women. This field, among many others, is very male-dominated. It can be very difficult to feel at peace in an all-male control room or in an all-male corporate office. That's why I am fostering a community of passionate, kind, and determined individuals who aspire to be athletic directors, sideline reporters, producers/directors, camera-operators, analysts, etc., to join together, learn from speakers, and brainstorm ways to cultivate a safe and prosperous future for women in the sports media industry. 

This April, we won a University Student Leadership Award called the New Organization of Excellence Award. It is truly an honor and a privilege to be recognized for all the hard work we put into being an active and inclusive student organization. Our dedication to our cause and our willingness to collaborate with other organizations has allowed for us to grow to new heights. We are so excited for the future of Women in Sports Media at Virginia Tech.

In the Fall of 2019, after completing the student application process, I hope that this organization will also be recognized as an official student chapter of the national Association of Women in Sports Media.



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